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About Me

My Background

I have enjoyed sewing for most of my life. I have made clothing, designed patterns and have made 3 dimensional animals. I studied art at the San Miguel de Allende art school in Mexico for a time as a young person. I started making quilted wall art in 2005 and it has satisfied my desire to create dimensional art with vibrant pieces of cloth. I have had my work juried into local, national, and international shows.

My Medium

Fabric is my medium. I enjoy the feel and richness of cloth and like how it can create a warmth different than that of paint alone.  I use a variety of fabric including commercial and hand dyed cotton, satin, silk, tulle, organza, thread and paint to create texture.

My Inspiration

Much of my inspiration comes from nature. I am an avid hiker and bicyclist and  take my camera wherever I go. Some of my pieces are inspired directly from photographs, while others are abstracted from something I've seen.